Sorry We Missed You…

Public Health Saves Lives

Public Health Saves Lives in many ways. Preventing diseases, promoting healthy behaviours, and protecting the health and safety of the environments we live, work and play in!  This includes making sure that rules, regulations, and standards that exist to keep our community and its residents healthy and safe are being followed.

Occasionally, this could mean having one of our Public Health Inspectors visit your home to discuss a situation or respond to a complaint.

Think of it like this:

If your child was bitten by a neighbourhood dog on their walk home from school, and you wanted to make sure they were protected from rabies following that bite– we would be there.

If you noticed standing water in your neighbourhood, and you were concerned about mosquitoes breeding and spreading West Nile virus — we would be there.

If you ordered dinner from a home-based food business and ended up getting sick because the food was prepared in an uninspected kitchen – we would be there.

However, sometimes when we show up to a home, the folks that we need to speak to are not there. That is why we have created a hanger to be placed on the door of the resident we are needing to reach. Included with the hanger will be a contact card from the Public Health Inspector assigned to the matter, as well as any additional, helpful information and paperwork related to the issue at hand.

So, what do you do if you return home and see one of our hangers on your door? It’s easy! Call or email the Public Health Inspector using the contact information included on the enclosed card as soon as possible. This saves time, energy and additional resources that may be needed to get in touch.

We all have a role to play in keeping Chatham-Kent happy, healthy and safe. Let’s work together.

For more information, please contact CK Public Health’s Healthy Environments intake line at 519 355-1071 EXT 2902 or email