Protect Breastfeeding: A Shared Responsibility – Food Security and Income

Breastfeeding: Food Security and Income

Over the past year and a half the COVID pandemic increased the number of families struggling to have enough to eat and food insecurity has become a concern for many. Studies show that during an emergency, like a pandemic, children that are not breastfeeding are at greatest risk of malnutrition and illness because supplies can be hard to find. Breastfeeding is a way to leave more money in the budget for food for the rest of the family. A mother just needs a small increase in food intake to make all the milk her baby needs!

Breastmilk is available, affordable and nutritious, a complete food for infants up to six months of age and the perfect complementary food for those up to two years and beyond. When families have to divert funds to feeding babies artificial milk, it leaves less money for food for the rest of the family, contributing to food insecurity for everyone in the household.

Breastfeeding provides total food security for infants and freeing up money for food for everyone else.

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