Vaccine Plan for CK

As Wave 2 of the COVID-19 pandemic reaches a critical point, we know the light at the end of tunnel may still seem far away.  Despite these difficult days, hope is very much on the horizon with the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine in Canada.

We are anticipating to hear news in the very near future from the provincial government on when the first vaccine shipment will arrive in Chatham-Kent.   Rest assured, our #CKVaccineTeam is already in the midst of planning what Phase 1 of vaccine distribution will look like here in CK. Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, CK Public Health, the Chatham-Kent Ontario Health Team and community partners are working collaboratively on this rollout plan. This means we’ll be ready to begin vaccinating safely and fairly as soon as the vaccine arrives.

Guided by the Ethical Framework for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution as set out by the Ministry of Health, the initial vaccines will be safely administered to residents, staff, physicians and essential care givers in our Long Term Care Homes.  These key populations are identified as most vulnerable to the transmission and spread of the virus and will be first priority in the vaccine rollout locally.

Every step of the way throughout these next months, the #CKVaccineTeam and our health system partners will keep you informed and up to date on our COVID-19 vaccine journey.  Please keep an eye on our social media channels and websites for more information.

Hang tight, and stay safe.

Continue to follow all public health recommendations.

Together, we’ve come a long way.  Let’s keep going.

This is our moment Chatham-Kent.

12 Comments on “Vaccine Plan for CK”

  1. When does someone with no immune system fall in the order….someone who takes drugs to decrease immunity…aka …transplant patient..

    1. Hi Cheryl. at this time it appears individuals with chronic conditions will be in the second phase of vaccine roll out.

    1. Hi Mark, it appears that regular caregivers in LTC residences may be in the initial first wave of vaccinations. We will be able to share more details when it arrives.

      1. Why have Chatham – Kent not gotten any vaccines to give our front line workers and to our Nursing Home Resident’s?

        1. Vaccine rollout in Ontario first targeted hardest hit areas first. CK is on track to receive vaccine by the end of January

  2. Once one finds themselves in a ‘group’ designated to receive a vaccination, where will it be administered, family doctor, pharmacy, local clinic?

    1. More details that include the “when” and “where” will be made public as soon as possible.

  3. How many Long Term Care workers and Residents are there in our area?
    Where can I find Dr. Colby’s Direct update on this site? I see him quoted in newspapers but WOULD RATHER here DIRECTLY from him.
    Why does CK declare an outbreak in a School or Nursing Home but not in an OPEN STORE!

  4. Where would Community Nurses fall in? Or nurses that are self-employed whose clientele are vulnerable seniors?

    1. It is thought that health care workers who work with our most vulnerable groups will be part of the earlier rollout groups.

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