Summer Weather… Gone Bad

Picture of lightning

The arrival of hot summer weather brings the risk of severe storms to our area.  Thunderstorms and lightning may quickly develop into damaging weather such as hail, heavy rain, high winds and tornadoes.  This may lead to power outages and flooding.  Do you and your family have everything you need to cope with these potential emergencies? 

Take a few simple steps to be better prepared to take care of yourself and your family:

      Step 1: Know the risks in your community. 

      Step 2: Make a plan so you know what to do. 

      Step 3: Prepare a family emergency kit to be self-sufficient for 72 hours. 

     Need help getting started?  Visit to:

  • find out the risks in your community
  • make a plan online and print off to have on hand
  • find out  what to put in your emergency kit
  • download a new e-book, Your Emergency Preparedness Guide

Stay safe on the go!  Access the new mobile website for key steps to take during an emergency such as an earthquake, severe storm, flood, and more.

You can’t predict any emergency, but you can be prepared for one!