Vision Screening Program 2019


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The Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit will be piloting a vision screening program for senior kindergarten students beginning in January 2019?
With a full SK vision screening program for all Chatham-Kent elementary schools starting in the 2019/2020 school year.

The 2018 Ontario Public Health Standards require public health units to implement a vision screening program for SK students.
Detailed information will be sent home if your school is selected for vision screening in the New Year.

Check your vision health knowledge, answers can be found below.

True or False:
Children are often unaware of their eye trouble and for that reason may not complain about what they see.

True or False: In Ontario, 15, 000 children have trouble learning to read just because they need glasses, and 7000 children needlessly lost the use of an eye because they were not treated promptly for a problem.

True or False: Even if you have no concerns, your child should have a complete optometric eye exam at six months, before starting kindergarten, and annually throughout the school years to ensure optimal eye health and developmental progress.

True or False: OHIP covers children 0 to 19 years old: An annual, full comprehensive eye examination plus any follow-up assessments that may be required.

To find a local optometrist, please go to:

If you need help locating an optometrist or have any questions, contact us at:

Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit 519.355.1071 Ext. 5700

All answers are true.

Some adapted information based on materials developed by the Ontario Association of Optometrists and




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