Taking a Trip? Don’t Forget Your Travel Shots!

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While travelling, you may be at risk for a number of exotic illnesses that can be prevented by vaccination.
As you age, your vaccine-acquired protection against many illnesses may decrease, and your risk of getting certain diseases may increase. Some countries may also require you to provide proof of certain vaccinations to cross their borders. Make sure you’ve read up on the risk factors and vaccination requirements for your destination.

How do I know what I may be exposed to on my trip?
A travel clinic is a great place to visit to find out the vaccines that may be required for your trip. Make sure you book an appointment at least 8 weeks prior to your departure. This gives your body enough time to develop protection against the disease that you were vaccinated for. You can also check the Government of Canada’s website for up-to-date travel information by country on vaccinations and much more.

Meet with an expert!
You should consult a doctor, nurse or health care provider, or visit a travel health clinic. This provides an opportunity to:

• Review your vaccination history
• Make sure you are up to date according to your provincial/territorial vaccination program
• Discuss any health concerns you may have related to your trip
• Assess your needs based on where you plan to travel and what you plan to do

Additional shots may be recommended depending on your age, anticipated travel activities and local conditions. Remember that preventing infection through vaccination is a lifelong process.

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