Food Related Illness and School Lunches

Picture of mother and daughter making salad

The following tips can help prevent you or your family getting sick from food related illnesses.

• Wash hands, kitchen counters, and kitchen equipment prior to making lunches
• Wash all vegetables and fruit
• Wipe your child’s lunch bag and thermos each night. Clean with baking soda and water once a week
• If using plastic wrap and Ziploc bags, do not reuse since they may carry germs
• Use an insulted lunch bag
• Store lunch in the fridge until your child leaves for school
• Add a frozen yogurt cup or tube, milk or 100% juice as an ice pack or pack cold foods in a cold thermos
• For hot foods, fill a thermos in the morning with hot water to preheat the thermos, then empty water and fill the thermos with food reheated to steaming hot.
• Food that can spoil should not be re-sent to schools if not eaten the first day (e.g. hot leftovers, sandwiches made with meat or cheese and milk products.)

If you have any suggestions or tips, please share your comments.