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During pregnancy there is:

No safe time to drink alcohol. Most organ growth is completed a few weeks after the first three months. Brain growth continues during pregnancy and after birth. Exposure to alcohol anytime during pregnancy can affect a baby’s brain.

No safe type of alcohol. All types of alcohol may be harmful to the growing baby.

No safe amount. A safe amount of alcohol in pregnancy is not known. It is never too late to stop drinking. Binge drinking and heavy drinking are very harmful to an unborn baby. If you are concerned about the amount of alcohol you drank before knowing you were pregnant, talk with your health-care provider or call Motherisk (1-877-FAS-INFO). The call is confidential.

If you are having trouble not drinking alcohol, help is available. Give us a call at the Health Unit.

 If you are pregnant or planning to be, the safest choice is to not drink any alcohol.
The best time to stop drinking is before pregnancy.

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