Your Crying Baby

Did you ever think your baby would cry this much? Maybe it feels like your baby cries more often than others but remember:

  • Around 2 weeks old babies start to cry more often each week
  • Babies usually cry more during their 2nd month than any other time
  • Crying begins to decrease after two months of age

This is known as the Period of Purple Crying and there is an end in sight!

Ways to comfort your baby:

  • Is she hungry, tired, wet or uncomfortable
  • Hold your baby close, try skin-to-skin contact
  • Walk, talk and sing to your baby
  • Try giving your baby a nice warm bath
  • Getting out and going for a walk can be comforting to you both

Listening to your crying baby can make you feel very frustrated or maybe you feel guilty that you can’t settle her. Sometimes everything you try seems like it doesn’t help and it’s OK to feel upset. Take a break from the crying to care for yourself:

  • Place your baby in a safe place and walk away
  • Call a friend
  • Remind yourself that the crying will come to an end
  • Check with your doctor if you are worried about the amount or intensity of the crying
  • Never shake or hurt your baby
  • Watch the video about the Period of Purple Crying …… can help