Parenting, Resilience & Role Modelling

A parent’s job is to help their child grow into a happy, independent adult. But how exactly does a parent do this? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a roadmap for parenting, or better yet, an app for that!

One way to help children on their road to independence is to help them develop the skills to bounce back from life’s challenges and stresses. This is called resilience and parents are the most important people to help build their children’s resilience.

Children and adults with resilience are:
• Healthier and live longer
• Happier in their relationships
• More successful in school and work
• Less likely to get depressed

What can a parent do to build a child’s resilience?
Become a positive role model! When parents handle stress well, they are showing their children how to handle stress.

How does positive role modelling build a child’s resilience?
When parents show affection and attention…..
children learn to feel loved and connected and have a sense of worth.

When parents listen and understand…..
children learn to feel understood and accepted and will understand others.

When parents stay calm……
children learn to calm themselves and are able to handle stressful situations.

When parents show patience……
children learn to wait and develop patience.

When parents stop and re-think…..
children learn to stop and think and become creative problem-solvers.

When parents show a positive outlook…..
children learn to appreciate the positives in life and become hopeful or optimistic.

When parents view mistakes as okay…..
children learn to see mistakes as part of learning and will try new things.

When parents keep trying…..
children learn to keep trying and will achieve their goals.

When parents see strengths……
children learn to see their own strengths and will feel confident.

When parents take responsibility and are involved….
children learn to be responsible and involved and feel they belong.

Parent tips for being a positive role model:
• Take care of your health
• Show understanding, compassion and kindness
• Take deep breaths when you are stressed
• Be in charge of your emotions
• Be patient
• Let go of being perfect
• Stop and rethink
• Take responsibility for your own feelings and actions
• Use humour
• Stay positive
• Reach out for support
• Reach out to help others

Remember, parenting isn’t always easy. Need ideas?

Building Resilience in Young Children
Reaching IN…Reaching OUT

Information in this article was adapted from Reaching IN….Reaching OUT.

Last updated: March 2019