A Baby Friendly Christmas

T’was the night before Christmas and baby is here,
After 12 hours of labour the room gave a cheer!
My baby was placed on my belly with care
And a blanket was put over both of us there.
While the nurse watched his breathing and heard his heart beat
My husband and I counted toes on his feet

He lay very quiet, just looking around
Then a few moments later he made a small sound;
Although we’d just met, he didn’t act like a guest
He pushed himself up and latched onto my breast.
The warmth of the room made me feel all aglow,
While we rested, and nursed, and just took things slow

Through C-K Public Health I’d taken a course,
I’d chosen to breastfeed, we were going full force!
I’d learned from the nurses all the “why’s” and the “how’s”,
I’d use my milk for my babe, calves drink from cows.

As I heard a small knock and was turning around,
In came the Public Health Nurse with a bound!
Her smile was so sweet, and her laughter so merry,
I proudly told her my son’s name was Jerry!

She gave me some tips for the nights that are best;
Like feedings and diapers, skin-to-skin on my chest.
She gave reassurance I wasn’t alone,
A Public Health Nurse would soon call on the phone.
Or I could call them if I had any question,
For they all were well trained in the ways of lactation.

As dry leaves that before the winter winds blow,
Soon a couple days passed and to home we did go.

Public Health Nurse called and came to my need,
My boy was hungry, so she watched me breastfeed.
She gave me some tips to make the latch better,
After she left my son’s diapers were wetter!

She left me a package with way too much paper;
After she left, it vanished like vapour!

But I learned Baby Weigh Ins were Tuesday and Friday,
And through them I was linked to the great OEYC!
I met other mothers and I made new friends;
Discussed things like babies, husbands, and trends.

The time to start solids arrived in a flash
And, too soon, my baby was ready for mash.
I read all the books and got into this task,
I’d waited 6 months, I had questions to ask.
The Health Unit teaching was truly sublime,
They taught me to nurse, then feed solids each time.

My baby, he grew and grew; time sure does flow.
On a trip to the clinic one more time I did go.
I was returning to work and I needed to wean,
I wanted to do it without being mean.
So, I got information on weaning with love,
I found a solution that fit like a glove!

Now I look back with fondness on my great adventure;
Empowered I feel when I look at my youngster.
Some people may think that I am insane,
But if I could, I would do it all over again!

Karen Nielsen
December, 2011