Skin-to-skin….everyone wins

Picture of baby on mothers chest

Skin-to-skin means baby is placed on mother’s bare chest for at least an hour, or until the end of the first feed. Mother and baby can be covered with a light blanket. Most procedures and checks can be done with the mother and baby skin-to-skin.  If there are medical reasons for separation of mother and baby after birth, dad can … Read More

Aunt Nan says: “Breastfed babies are too clingy.”

Babies need to feel safe and loved in order to have confidence to explore their world around them.  During breastfeeding, a mother and her baby have an opportunity to bond.  The mother’s body releases oxytocin, which is sometimes called the “love hormone” – it gives her feelings of attachment to her baby.  As she smiles, sings, coos, strokes, and nourishes … Read More