Harm Reduction

Button for Cannabis Use GuidelinesAre you interested using cannabis by safer methods? There’s lots of important information available to you to help inform your choices. Please check out the recommendations for safer use and download the linked brochure and fact sheet.

For more information about cannabis harm reduction we recommend this site. 

Ten Recommendations to use cannabis more safely
  1. All cannabis use can contain risks. The only way to completely avoid these risks is by choosing not to use cannabis
  2. You’ll lower your risk of cannabis-related health problems if you choose to start using cannabis later in life. (25+)
  3. If you use, choose low-strength products, such as those with a lower THC content or a higher ratio of CBD to THC
  4. Don’t use synthetic cannabis products
  5. Smoking cannabis (for example, smoking a joint) is the most harmful way of using cannabis because it directly affects your lungs. Vaping or edibles are safer methods
  6. If you choose to smoke cannabis, avoid inhaling deeply or holding your breath
  7. Try to limit your use as much as possible
  8. Cannabis use impairs your ability to drive a car or operate other machinery. Don’t engage in these activities after using cannabis, or while you still feel affected by cannabis in any way
  9. Some people are more likely to develop problems from cannabis use. Specifically, people with a personal or family history of psychosis or substance use problems, and pregnant women should not use cannabis at all
  10. Avoid combining any of the risky behaviours described above
10 ways to reduce health risks when using cannabis
Canada's lower-risk cannabis use guidelines
Safer cannabis use

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Safer Cannabis Use

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