When is the Flu Not Really the Flu? When it’s Stomach Flu!

Picture of a sick teen

There is no such thing as ‘stomach flu’. It is a misleading term that doesn’t make much sense when you think about it. Why is that? Well, ‘Flu’ is an abbreviation of ‘Influenza’, a respiratory illness of your upper airways. It is not related to intense, short-term bouts of diarrhea and/or vomiting experienced by your gut. These stomach illnesses are … Read More

Be Food Safe

Picture of girl shopping for peppers

Handling food safely is super important. The risk of getting sick at home are more common than you think. The four easy lessons of CLEAN, SEPARATE, COOK and CHILL can help you prevent harmful bacteria from making your family sick. Bacteria are all around us. While most are harmful (some are even beneficial), others can make you sick. CLEAN Bacteria can spread … Read More

Getting a Tattoo? STAY SAFE!!

Picture of man getting tattoo

Don’t end up with Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV or a severe skin infection! Make sure that the tattoo parlour you choose is inspected and approved by us! If strict standards are not followed, you could be at risk. Beware of underground tattoo artists or getting a tattoo at a party! Tattoo Checklist: Make sure that you really want a … Read More

Food Safety Videos – Fun and Educational

We are proud to present a fun, fact filled series of Food Safety Videos to educate and entertain you, friends and family.   Each video teaches how to “Be Food Safe” in different situations: Food Poisoning – Be Food Safe Learn more about Food Poisoning and what you should do if you think you have it. Grocery Shopping – Be Food … Read More