A Day in the Life of a Public Health Inspector: Vector Borne Diseases Edition

Annoyed campers

Ah, Summer! Beaches, boating, ball games, BBQ’s, and Vector Borne Diseases. “Vector Borne Diseases” is a relatively LARGE term that is brought on by two incredibly small organisms; mosquitos and ticks –and with the warmer weather we are at an increased risk of coming into contact with these organisms. Thankfully, CK Public Health Inspectors have “got your back” and are … Read More

How to Properly Remove a Tick!

HOW TO PROPERLY REMOVE A TICK!  DO! Use fine tipped tweezers Firmly grasp the tick as close to your skin as possible Steadily pull the tick’s body away from your skin using an upwards motion Place the tick in a small sealed plastic container Wash the bite site with warm water and soap Bring the tick to the CK Public … Read More