Holiday Cooking

Picture of Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey is one of our basic holiday foods and it’s important to handle and cook turkey safely to avoid any illness. Here are a few helpful tips. Thawing a Turkey  Never thaw a turkey at room temperature. Leave it in the original plastic package. Place turkey on a tray on the bottom shelf  in the fridge, allowing 5 hours per pound … Read More

Potluck Parties – Food Safety Guidelines

Christmas dinner on table

Potluck parties are a very popular way to celebrate with friends and family. People like potluck parties because they reduce the burden of cooking and food preparation for everyone. However, before you share your favourite dishes, take a little time to learn and practice basic food safety. Different foods need to be handled and cooked differently, and it is important for … Read More

Christmas Memories On A Budget!

Picture of family building a snowman

The Christmas season does not have to be a money stressor. Spending time with our friends and families and creating wonderful memories are what will follow us through our years; not what toy you received at Christmas when you were ten years old. Consider exchanging material things for memories. Look for local community events that are often a fraction of … Read More