NEW! Updated laws across CK to include vaping and the use of cannabis(Oct 17, 2018)



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Questions about “Smoke-Free Chatham-Kent”?

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5 Comments on “Smoke-Free Chatham-Kent”

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  2. Just wanted to let the tobacco enforcement officer know that Pioneer gas station in Wallaceburg is selling flavoured vapes that they are not supposed to be.

  3. The above link for your bylaw is not working.

    At my place of employment, smoking and vaping is done immediately outside doors. I thought smokers/vapers were required to be a number of metres away from doorways.

    1. Link to bylaw has been updated. 9 metre setbacks occur in some public buildings but most workplaces do not have these protections. Businesses are able to create their own policies to protect their employees as well.

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