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Elementary and Secondary School Nurses

Connect with your school public health nurse to receive recommendations and support to meet your schools health promotion needs. We will connect you to the right resources, community partners and organization.

Attention: Due to the current COVID-19 situation, school Public Health Nurse (PHN) support has been modified. PHNs remain available by phone or email, Monday to Friday between 8:30-4:30, excluding holidays. To contact a school nurse, email For more information on COVID-19, visit our Current Situation Page.

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Ashley Veenema

Hi my name is Ashley Veenema. My Nursing Career started in 2007 right here in Chatham-Kent. I have practiced Nursing “from the womb to the tomb” over the past 13 years at Chatham Kent Health Alliance as both an RPN and RN. I joined the CK Public Health School Health team in October 2020. It has been a privilege to join this great team during pandemic times and to work in partnerships with various community partners to help put an end to COVID-19.
I am a mother of 3 (soon to be 4) and look forward to now practicing Nursing aimed for school aged children and getting to know the schools around our great community.

Ashley Veenema RN, BScN
(Office) 519.352.7270 ext. 2448

Jake Zelina

Hi, I am Jake a Public Health Nurse working on the School Health Team. As a registered nurse who started my career caring for clients in hospital, I have always been passionate about helping children and youth learn healthy habits and become better learners. I believe we can create a healthy learning environment by working with staff, students, parents and community partners in each of my schools.

Jake Zelina RN, BScN
(Office) 519-352-7270 ext. 5721

Alyssa Bunning

Hi everyone! My name is Alyssa and I am excited to be joining the school health team. My passion in nursing is promoting a healthy mind and body. Most of my experience in Public Health has been working in substance use and communicable diseases. I enjoy working with the community and preventing illness in vulnerable populations. I look forward to seeing what this school year brings!

Alyssa Bunning RN, BScN, MN
(Office) 519.352.7270 ext. 5478

Kaylin Pretty

Hello! My name is Kay and I am a Public Health Nurse working on the School Health Team. I grew up in Chatham-Kent and decided to return home after my undergrad to give back to my community. I love working with students, partnering with staff and parents, and contributing to the school community. I am passionate about advocating for student issues, increasing education and access to sexual health services and promoting health habits that increase the overall health and wellness of my students.

Kaylin Pretty RN, BScN
(Office) 519.352.7270 ext. 5445

Marian McEwan

Working in Public Health is what fits with my overall life’s philosophy of prevention. As I often say… why let something happen and have to deal with it, when you can learn how to prevent it from happening in the first place! I began my career at St. Clair College – Thames Campus and have since found my passion in public health nursing for the past 30 years. Public Health is all about promoting health and preventing illness. I’m looking forward to working with and supporting my assigned schools, students and staff.

J. Marian McEwan RN, DPHN, BScN, MN
(Office) 519.352.7270 ext. 5720

Brett Goudreau

As a PHN, I strive to deliver high quality care for all my clients. I am an immunization expert and am always attempting to achieve the highest possible coverage rates for Grade 7 immunizations, while reducing the number of school suspensions due to overdue immunizations. The relationships I have with the students and staff within my schools is great. I really enjoy the client interactions at school-based immunization clinics; it is the best part of my job. I look forward to continuing to build our connections and working with students this upcoming school year to achieve their health goals.

Brett Goudreau RN, BScN
(Office) 519.352.7270 ext. 5441

Kym Logan

After working in acute care in the hospital setting for 7 years, I moved back to Chatham-Kent and pursued a career in Public Health. Instead of helping people to manage their existing health conditions, I wanted to help prevent them from becoming ill in the first place. I am looking forward to supporting our school communities in their efforts to improve the health and wellbeing of students and staff.

Kym Logan RN, BScN
(Office) 519.352.7270 ext. 5487

Kris Oulds

As a Registered Nurse working in Public Health for the past 15 years, my main focus is on immunization.  I enjoy working with students, school staff, parents and community partners to promote health and well-being in the schools.  I am fortunate to work with a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about School Health.

Kris Oulds RN
(Office) 519.352.7270 ext. 5444