New! Temporary Testing Clinic

This swabbing clinic is being provided at the Downtown Chatham Centre to help meet the demands in the community. To schedule an appointment please use the following link:

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Where and when to get tested

Anyone who needs a test under the provincial testing guidelines can get one at no cost. Depending on your situation, you may be able to get a  test at:

  • Assessment Centres (including mobile and temporary sites)
  • Community labs (currently not available in Chatham-Kent)
  • Pharmacies (participating locations)

Please contact the testing location for additional details.

COVID-19 Assessment Centres & Community Labs

Common reasons to get tested for COVID-19 at an Assessment Centre:

  • Currently experiencing 
  • Have been exposed to a positive person
    • please contact Public Health for additional guidance 519.355.1071 x 1900.
  • Received a COVID Alert app exposure notification
  • Individuals who are a contact of an outbreak investigation
  • Need a test before a scheduled (non-urgent or emergent) surgery in a region with high community transmission (ask your health care provider)
  • You received a point-of-care test (such as a rapid test) and require a follow-up lab-based test to confirm results

For a full list of qualifications to be tested for COVID-19 at an Assessment Centre, please click here.

New! Walk-In COVID-19 Testing at Downtown Chatham Centre

Walk-in COVID-19 testing clinics are taking place this week at the Downtown Chatham Centre (100 King Street West). Please enter at the former Sears building doors facing Wellington Street.

Tuesday, October 12 - 11am to 5pm

***Following Tuesday's clinic, walk-in testing will operate at this location on a regular schedule of Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Individuals attending the walk-in clinic should bring a valid health card, a list of medications and any other information regarding allergies and past medical issues.

PLEASE NOTE: Scheduled appointments are still available at the Chatham-Kent COVID-19 Assessment Centre (10 Grand Ave.) Appointments can be booked online at

If you attend one of the walk-in clinics and already have an appointment scheduled at the COVID-19 Assessment Centre, please cancel your appointment at your earliest convenience. This helps open up time slots for others requiring a test.

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Pharmacy (Participating locations)

You can get a test at a participating pharmacy if you:

    1. Do not have symptoms, 
    2. Have not been in close physical contact with someone who currently has , 
    3. Are not part of a specific outbreak investigation,
    4. And if any of the following apply to you:
  • A resident, worker (including support workers), visitor (including caregivers), or government inspector of a long-term care home
  • A person who identifies as Indigenous
  • A person travelling into remote/isolated First Nation and Indigenous communities for work purposes
  • A person who needs out-of-country medical services, and one accompanying caregiver (with written prior approval from the OHIP General Manager as requested by a referring physician)
  • A temporary foreign worker
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Test Results

CK Public Health will contact you only if you have a positive COVID-19 test result. All individuals can access their test result from the provincial website.

Test results are typically available within 1-10 days. This depends on the testing volume at the time. CK Public Health does not receive test results sooner than what is available on the provincial website. Please only call CK Public Health for test results if:

  • You or your dependents do not have a health card
  • Your test result is taking longer than 10 days
  • You are unable to access the website

If you have difficulties accessing the portal for your test result, please call CK Public Health at 519.355.1071 x 1900. If you have received a negative test result, please continue to follow public health safety measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Direction will be provided if you have a positive COVID-19 test result.

Testing for Travel

There are fees associated with travel testing. Consult with the service provider for more information.

To find a testing centre near you, please search the COVID-19 Testing Locations.

Please note: 

  • Most airlines require PCR testing. Confirm which type of test is required for the airline and country you are traveling to.
  • Antigen testing is not accepted for entry to Canada, buy may be accepted in the country you are traveling to. Understand the testing requirements before booking your travel test.

For more information:

Types of Tests for COVID-19

 PCR TestRapid Antigen Test
What it does:Tests to see if someone currently has COVID-19.
Tests to see if someone currently has COVID-19.
When to use:PCR tests are used to diagnose people currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

You can also get a PCR test if you qualify under the provincial testing guidelines.

Rapid antigen tests are used to screen people with no symptoms (asymptomatic).

Many workplaces are using rapid antigen tests to routinely screen asymptomatic employees and other approved groups that are not fully vaccinated, to help keep workplaces safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19.
How long it takes:Results typically take 24 hours to 7 days.

PCR tests are sent to a lab for processing. Processing times vary depending on the volume of tests.

Results take approximately 15 minutes.
Accuracy: Highly accurate and considered to be the gold-standard of COVID-19 testing.

Rapid antigen tests are not as accurate as diagnostic tests (PCR test).
Where to get the test:Through the local Assessment Centre or a participating pharmacy.

Please note: pharmacy testing is only available for individuals who do not have symptoms, who have not been in close contact with a confirmed case, and are not part of a specific outbreak investigation.

Rapid antigen tests are available through participating pharmacies for a fee.

To find a testing centre near you, please search the COVID-19 Testing Locations.
If you test positive:After Public Health learns that someone has tested positive for COVID-19, we contact them as soon as possible to:
• Share the test results,
• Help them get care they may need,
• Provide information about what they should do, and
• Answer any questions they have.
Then, we start to work on contact tracing, the process of gathering information about everyone the person with the virus had contact with during the time the virus could be passed on to others. LEARN MORE.

If you test positive with a Rapid Antigen Test:

• Book a PCR test to confirm the result
• Isolate at home immediately
• Report the positive result to Public Health by calling 519.355.1071 x 1900. A Public Health Nurse will contact you to provide further instruction and support.

Frequently Asked Questions: