Hot Weather Alerts and their impact on babies and young children

Babies and young children up to four years of age are sensitive to the effects of high temperatures and rely on others to regulate their environments and provide adequate protection.  Remember the following: Never leave children unattended in a vehicle even for a few minutes. Place them in tubs of lukewarm water frequently to lower their body temperature. Give children … Read More

National Drowning Prevention Week

It is important to remember children are most at risk for drowning so there’s absolutely no substitute for constant adult supervision. The Lifesaving Society recommends that parents keep children under five years of age within arms’ reach at all times. If you’ve invested in a pool, protect your loved ones. Make it your mission to obtain the knowledge and training to … Read More

E.coli and produce?

Most fruits and vegetables grow in the natural environment and can be exposed to bad micro organisms like E.coli bacteria, viruses and parasites present in soil and water used for irrigation. This leads to contamination of produce. Cross contamination also occurs when produce comes in contact with raw meats during transportation and storage. If you consume this contaminated food, you … Read More

Tanned Skin = Damaged Skin

Ever wish you could go back in time and tell yourself what you know now?  This video shows how the sun damaged your skin when you were younger – and now you witness its harmful effects.  Share this 6 minute clip with a young person in your life .   Did you know?          most sun damage occurs before age 18 … Read More

Sun Myths

Picture of teens outdoors

Myth 1: “A good tan will protect my skin.” Wrong. Any tan is skin damage. You get a little protection for the moment and lots of problems down the road. Damaging skin to protect skin is a no-win situation. Myth 2: “Stay in the water and your skin won’t burn.” Wrong. Ultraviolet radiation penetrates the water. It can also reflect … Read More

Sun Sense for Parents

Picture of a baby at the beach

Chances are your child will be spending a lot of time outdoors this summer. Unfortunately, too much sun can be harmful. Over time UV rays can cause skin cancer, premature aging and cataracts. As little as one blistering sunburn in childhood doubles the risk of developing melanoma as an adult. It is important that we practice sun sense at an early … Read More