Is Your Drinking Under Control?

 A shocking report from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health came out this month.  Adults’ reporting daily drinking has increased from 5.3% in 2002 to over 9% in 2009!  Daily drinking can be just as dangerous as binge drinking. You may not remember the amount consumed over the week and may even end up drinking more. With all the … Read More

E.coli and produce?

Most fruits and vegetables grow in the natural environment and can be exposed to bad micro organisms like E.coli bacteria, viruses and parasites present in soil and water used for irrigation. This leads to contamination of produce. Cross contamination also occurs when produce comes in contact with raw meats during transportation and storage. If you consume this contaminated food, you … Read More

Easter Egg Safety

  If you’re decorating, hiding or hunting for eggs this Easter, the CK Public Health would like to offer the following tips for a safe and enjoyable Easter.  Before the hunt wash your hands thoroughly before handling eggs at every preparation step, from cooking and cooling, to dyeing and hiding only use grade A refrigerated eggs and discard any with … Read More