New Current Situation Reporting

Starting June 5, CK Public Health will be updating our COVID-19 current status page to include more information in a detailed summary report. This information will still be located on our Current Situation COVID-19 webpage.

Our Epidemiologist has provided a virtual tour of the report in the video below:


This new report will update later in the afternoon (2:30pm) and on weekdays (Monday through Friday) only.

The reasons for this shift in process are:

  • it enables us to report through a single automated summary report,
  • the automated report is updated after staff have entered, processed and extracted data from iPHIS, our mandatory reporting system for infectious diseases,
  • confirmed case activity has been decreasing, and
  • reduced staff capacity on the weekend.

This weekend (Saturday, June 6 and Sunday June 7) will be the first time our public website will not be updated over the weekend.

Please look for regular updates, Monday through Friday after 2:30pm going forward. 

Thank you for your continued diligence to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Chatham-Kent!