Paramedic Services Week 2020: Paramedics on the Front Line

paramedic logo with mask

Paramedic Services Week (May 24-May 30)

The theme for Paramedic Services Week 2020 is Pandemic: Paramedics on the Front Line and demonstrates the important role that paramedics play on the front lines of the healthcare system during a pandemic.

“During this pandemic we recognize, more than ever, the important partnership we have with Paramedic Services in keeping our community safe and healthy ,” says Teresa Bendo, Director of CK Public Health.

CK Public Health and the Chatham-Kent Paramedic Service work closely as community partners. We work with our paramedic team on a number of services for our community such as home visits and monitoring, wellness clinics, falls assessments, chronic disease and harm reduction. Most recently, we have been fortunate to have them as valuable partners in assisting with the swabbing of our most vulnerable Chatham-Kent residents as part of our community’s COVID-19 emergency response.

CK Public Health is incredibly grateful to the Chatham-Kent Paramedic Service for their continued partnership and community support!