Can You Imagine?

We know that the restrictions because of COVID-19 are hard for everyone. But, they’re especially hard to follow for some people in our community.

This week, we’ll highlight just how hard following these COVID-19 rules can be for some people. It is important to understand the specific challenges that people face so that we don’t jump to conclusions or judge others for circumstances outside of their control. Understanding what others are going through can help decrease discrimination and stigma, which can make it even harder for people to do ‘what they’re suppose to be doing’ or to get help when they need it.

At CK Public Health, we’re working to get information out in a lot of different ways, in a number of different languages. We’re working with community partners to support people who are impacted by COVID-19. And, we’re helping people and groups who are having a hard time with the new ways of living that come with the COVID-19 restrictions, guidelines and measures. We are committed to supporting the health, safety and well-being of ALL Chatham-Kent residents.

But, the truth is, COVID-19 is shining a light on many conditions within our society that are putting certain groups of people at a higher risk of infection and illness. These conditions have put many people in very difficult positions long before COVID-19 came around.

Let’s use this pandemic as a chance to learn about and work towards improving the conditions that put people at risk for poor health.

We are in this together. Be kind. Stay safe.

For More Information

For more information about COVID-19 visit our COVID-19 website or call our COVID-19 intake line 519.355.1071 x 1900 or email

To learn where to get help during COVID-19, visit ourGet Help‘ section.

To learn more about what shapes our health, visit our Health Equity website.


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