Smoker’s Helpline


What is Smokers’ Helpline?

Smokers’ Helpline (SHL) is a free, confidential, personalized service operated by the Canadian Cancer Society. Smokers’ Helpline offers support and information about quitting smoking and tobacco use through phone, online, and text based services in over 100 languages.

When you contact SHL at 1 877 513-5333 you will be connected with a Quit Coach who will assist you with creating a personalized quit plan, coping and withdrawal symptoms, finding community-based support services in your area, and providing you with self help materials and scheduled follow-up calls to check in and give you support along the way.

Telephone Based Services

Quitlines provide you with telephone based tobacco cessation counselling services seven days a week during SHL business hours. Quitlines are proven to greatly increase the chance that a smoker will quit.

Online Based Services provides you with support and information whether you are thinking of quitting, starting to prepare, or ready to quit today. Registering online will provide you with 24/7 access to a step by step quit plan, online support forums and a personalized quit calculator that shows the benefits of quitting.

Text Message Based Services

Smoekrs’ Helpline Text Messaging sends up to 13 weeks of text messages to your mobile phone ot provide you with support and motivation while you are quitting, or preparing to quit. You can also text one-on-one with a Quit Coach during SHL business hours, or text keywords for specific craving support 24/7.

First Week Challenge Contest

Smokers’ Helpline challenges you to quit smoking for 7 days of the month and is offering you a $500 cash prize to encourage you to try!

Why the first week? Because if you are successful for the first week, you are 9x more likely to quit for good!

The First Week Challenge Contest runs 12 months of the year and is easy to enter. Just follow the link below!


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