An Update on Low Income Senior’s Dental Program

You’ve probably heard by now that the provincial government is rolling out a “Low Income Senior’s Dental Program.”

This is exciting news! Although, we haven’t received all of the information yet!

We want to keep the community updated as news and information is sent to us throughout this process.

So, this is what we DO know:

  • The new program specifically targets those aged 65+ with no dental coverage from any other source (i.e. NIHB, federal or provincial government program, private insurance, or workplace benefits)
  • Qualifying income level cut-offs for single person is $19,300 and for a couple $32,300 (As of now we do not know the calculation and what counts as “income”)
  • Applications will be able to be completed online or paper copy by late summer 2019 (available locations to complete the applications are still to be determined)
  • Once completed, forms will be sent to a provincial central processing centre. Income verification will be completed by the centralized centre and applicant will be notified by mail if they qualify or not
  • Qualification is based on income, not need, of the potential recipient
  • We do not have official confirmation of available services being funded by the province, but feel confident they will include: preventative services, fillings, extractions and dentures
  • CK Public Health will be the main contact for the program and will be continuing with updates as releases are made from the province. We appreciate your patience as we move forward to implement this program when we are equipped with the necessary resources to serve you best!