Need Your Well Water Tested? Don’t forget we’ve moved!

Picture of tap water

  1. Pick up a water bottle, free of charge, from us or your local municipal service centre.
  2. Keep the bottle closed until the moment you fill it.
  3. Take the sample on the day you are planning to return it to us.
  4. Run the water for 2-3 minutes; remove any aerators, etc. from the sample tap.
  5. Remove the tamper-proof, sealed cap from the bottle. Do not touch the inside of the cap or the mouth of the bottle.
  6. Fill the bottle to the 200 ml line. Do not rinse the bottle or dump out the powder.
  7. Replace the cap securely.
  8. Return the filled bottle to the Health Unit with the completed form.
  9. To be sure your sample can be properly sent to the lab, check with the Health Unit to find out which day(s) the Health Unit courier is available.
  10. The Public Health Lab will mail the results to you. Usually within a week.

Bring your sample in Monday to Thursday 8:30AM – 4:30PM. If you bring it in on a Friday—be sure it’s here before 11AM.

We are located at 177 King Street East, Chatham at the WISH Centre.

For more information, contact CK Public Health at 519.355.1071. Follow us to Good Health!