Eye Health Issues and the Impact on Student Learning

2 boys smiling at a school desk

Please watch this eye opening video from the Ontario Association of Optometrists website.

In this video four teachers with simulated vision troubles experience what it is like for students with these common issues to do school work.

The teachers begin to understand and relate to the struggles children can have with eye health issues and the impact on student learning.

To find a local optometrist, please go to: findaneyedoctor.ca

If you need help locating an optometrist or have any questions, contact us at:

CK Public Health 519.355.1071 Ext. 5700

Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) covers the cost of a comprehensive eye examination once every 12 months for all children (0-19 years) who have a valid OHIP card.

CK Public Health 519.355.1071 Ext. 5700