Emergency Preparedness for Children



Are you and your family prepared for an emergency? Children in particular can feel extremely vulnerable and stressed during an emergency. It is important to remember that your child looks to you for guidance and comfort.

Help kids cope by:

  • Keeping calm
  • Talk openly and honestly about what is happening
  • Take their fears seriously and tell them it’s okay to feel scared
  • Tell your kids what you think and feel
  • Keep familiar routines such as mealtimes and bedtime
  • Monitor what your kids are watching on TV about the emergency

Help kids prepare for emergencies by:

  • Teaching them about the risks in your community, such as severe thunderstorms, ice storms, blizzards and tornadoes
  • Have your kids help to make a family emergency plan
  • Have your kids help prepare a family emergency kit

Severe storms and extreme weather may be beyond our control but being prepared is a way to reduce the risk and the impact of whatever emergency you and your family might face.

For help in making your family emergency plan, watch the video: Making a Family Emergency Plan and make your plan online: Make an Emergency Plan

Visit Responding to Stressful Events: Helping Children Cope to find other tips on helping your child cope with an emergency.


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