Mind your “Business”


Mind Your “Business”

The Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights team is looking to raise awareness about this connection during Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week from February 12-16th.  This year’s theme for the week is Mind Your “Business,” and the goal is to address and raise awareness to the connection between sexual health and mental health and the role they play in our overall well-being.

For more information visit www.srhweek.ca for information on how important the connection between your mental health and sexual/reproductive health is to overall well-being.  Follow up on Facebook and twitter during this week for tips on how to connect your sexual and mental health for a positive change in your well-being.

For more information please contact the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit at 519.355.1071, ext. 5901 or visit www.chatham-kent.ca.



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