Flooding has been predicted in Chatham-Kent


After a flood, food safety, water safety and home safety are important concerns to consider. Follow these guidelines to protect yourself and your family.

For homes that have been without power, but haven’t suffered water damage food safety precautions should be taken. Throw out refrigerated food that’s been without power for more than 4-6 hours.

For homes that have been flooded:

  • Throw out any food that’s been in contact with floodwater, except for food in sealed, airtight metal cans. Food in sealed, airtight metal cans is safe to eat once the can has been properly cleaned and disinfected.
  • If you have a well, it could be contaminated. Until you can get your well water tested, boil your water rapidly for at least one minute before use, or use bottled water for drinking, making infant formula, juices, cooking, making ice, washing fruits and vegetables or brushing teeth. Once the flooding has receded you should disinfect your well.
  • Floodwaters are usually very dirty. It will be necessary to do cleanup in the home. If you have extensive water damage or if wide spread mould is present professional assistance should be obtained. For a small amount of flood damage follow these cleaning directions as recommended by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation;
    • remove all water, mud and other debris.
    • dispose of contaminated household goods
    • rinse away contamination inside the home
    • remove the rinse water
    • clean and dry out your house and salvageable possessions.

For more information contact Chatham Kent Public Health at 519.352.7270.


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