The Danger Zone



It is important to keep cold food cold and hot food hot so that your food never sits in “the temperature danger zone (4°C – 60°C)”. This is where bacteria that can cause food borne illness can grow quickly. Even cooking these foods thoroughly can’t always kill the dangerous bugs!

To avoid dangerous bacterial growth:

  • Refrigerate hazardous foods at or below 4°C
  • Keep hazardous foods that have been thoroughly cooked or reheated at or above 60°C
  • Do not let hazardous foods sit out during shopping and food preparation
  • Thaw hazardous food in the refrigerator or under cold running water
  • Cook, cool, and reheat hazardous foods quickly
  • Do not cool and reheat leftover hazardous food more than once.

For more information call CK Public Health at 519.352.7270 or visit Health Canada


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