Workplace Wellness Recognition Workshop a Success


Chatham-Kent employers participated in a half day workshop on October 19, 2016 where they learned about the importance of workplace wellness.  Dr. John Button, featured speaker, focused on the medical research behind workplace wellness, while the workplaces that were being recognized shared both their successes and failures in implementing and supporting wellness in their own workplaces. In addition, there was a presentation on the importance of a living wage and how it has the potential to impact one’s health and well-being, and subsequently, the health of a workplace.

Six local workplaces were recognized for their efforts in making their workplaces healthier. Jolene Griffore accepted Silver level on behalf of Accurcast Inc. Wallaceburg. Rhonda Mailloux accepted Gold level on behalf of Anchor Danly, Tilbury.  Shari Blackburn accepted Silver level on behalf of Barry Callebaut Canada.  Dresden Industrial, Ridgetown, was awarded Bronze level.  Lindsay Bennett accepted Bronze level on behalf of Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority. Karen Eddleston accepted Silver level on behalf of Wallaceburg Central Ambulance Communication Centre.

Throughout the day there was opportunities for networking with other workplaces, the presenters, and public health staff regarding community programs.

We encourage all workplaces to take the opportunity to invest in the wellbeing and performance of your employees to help build a thriving and productive workforce and a healthy community.

The recognition program was made possible through a partnership between Chatham-Kent Public Health and the CK Community Leaders’ Cabinet.  This workshop was supported the Workforce Planning Board and their staff.



From left to right:

Karen Eddleston, Wallaceburg Central Ambulance communication Centre; Lindsay Bennett, Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority; Rhonda Mailloux, Ancho Danly; Jolene Griffore, Accurcast Inc.; Shari Blackburn, Barry Callebaut Canada; Michelle Bogaert, Public Health

Absent: Mary Ann Hawthorne, Dresden Industrial Ridgetown.


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