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What is Blue W?

Blue-W is a community-based program dedicated to promoting municipal tap water as a healthy, accessible, and affordable alternative to buying bottled water. Organizations that register with Blue W provide the public access to clean, municipal tap water for free without the requirement of other purchases at that establishment. The Blue W website provides a map showing all restaurants, shops, and public spaces across the globe that are registered as a Blue W site. Currently, there are more than 26,000 water bottle refill locations registered with Blue W!

Did you Know Chatham-Kent is a Blue W Community?

Chatham-Kent has been a Blue W community for the past 5 years and many organizations in Chatham-Kent have chosen to participate in the Blue W program and are location for the public to fill up their water bottles with clean, municipal tap water for free!

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Where in Chatham-Kent can I find a Blue W Location and refill my water bottle?

A list of all Blue W locations in Chatham-Kent can be found below, you can visit and search their map for all Blue W locations, or you can look for the Blue W decal when you out and about in Chatham-Kent!

Town/City Location Restaurant/Business Tap Water Type
Blenheim 48 Marlborough St. Baily Reid’s Restobar Room temperature
Blenheim 104 Talbot St. E Blenheim Abattoir and Meat Market Chilled
Blenheim 78 Marlborough St. S Blenheim Youth Centre Chilled Fountain
Blenheim 10297 Talbot Trail Caldwell First Nation Public Library Chilled Fountain
Blenheim 16 George St. Chatham-Kent Public Library Chilled Fountain
Blenheim 183 Chatham Street S Esso Room temperature
Blenheim 182 King St. Growing Together at WJ Baird Chilled
Blenheim 27 Chatham St. N Jack’s Family Restaurant Room temperature
Blenheim 72 Talbot St. W Jimmy’s Barber Shop Laundromat Room temperature
Blenheim 104 Chatham St. W Petro Canada Chilled
Blenheim 63 Talbot St W Simply Shoes Room temperature
Blenheim 15 Talbot St. W Stephen’s Restaurant Two Chilled
Blenheim 50 Talbot St. W Venus de Milo/Fat Jimmy’z Chilled
Bothwell 320 Main St. Chatham-Kent Public Library Chilled Fountain
Chatham 10 Grand Ave W 7 Eleven Chilled
Chatham 16 King St. W Benjamin Moore Room temperature
Chatham 120 Queen St. Chatham-Kent Public Library Chilled Fountain
Chatham 525 Grand Ave E Churrascaria Chilled
Chatham 131 King St. W Coffee Culture Room temperature
Chatham 407 St. Clair St. Dairy Queen Room temperature
Chatham 18 Fifth St. N Darlin’s Sweetness Chilled
Chatham 44 Fourth St. Dekoko’s Room temperature
Chatham 203 King St. W Downtown Deli Chilled
Chatham 149 King St. W Elephant’s Nest Chilled
Chatham 14 King St. W Eve Chocolatier Room temperature
Chatham 75 King St. W Frank’s Music Centre Room temperature
Chatham 242A St. Clair St. Get Juiced Up! Chilled
Chatham 162 King St. W Glitter’s Fun Eatery Room temperature
Chatham 25 St. Clair St. Harvey’s Chilled
Chatham 124 Keil Dr. S Home Hardware Room temperature
Chatham 67 St. Clair St. and 100 King St. W I Luv Juicy Room temperature
Chatham 455 Grand Ave E M&M’s Meat Shop Room temperature
Chatham 231 King St. W Mamma Maria’s Ristorante Chilled
Chatham 15 King St. E Naked Berry Frozen Yogurt Café Chilled
Chatham 425 St. Clair St. Original 2 Pizzas Room temperature
Chatham 10 Grand Ave W Pie-zano’s Chilled Water Cooler
Chatham 1099 Park Ave W Parkfield Restaurant Room temperature
Chatham 116 Keil Dr. S Pizza Hut Room temperature
Chatham 316 St. Clair St. Quo Vadis Pizzeria Room temperature
Chatham 112 Keil Dr. S Rice and Noodle Room temperature
Chatham 260 King St. W Shepherd’s Way Inn Chilled
Chatham 115 King St. W Simply Shoes & Accs Room temperature
Chatham 24 King St. W Sprios Restaurant Chilled
Chatham 69 St. Clair St. St. Clair Restaurant Room temperature
Chatham 4-470 St. Clair St Stompin Grapes Room temperature
Chatham 79 King St. W Tasty Lunch Diner Chilled
Chatham 46 William St. S The Purple Pansey Room temperature
Chatham 19 Raleigh St. The Salvation Army Chilled Fountain
Chatham 33 Third St. Tim Hortons Chilled
Chatham 9397 Longwoods Rd Young’s Variety Room temperature
Chatham 49 Keil Dr Tropical Paradise Room temperature
Chatham 881 St. Clair St. Walmart Room temperature
Chatham 28 William St. S William Street Café Room temperature
Dresden 187 Brown St. Chatham-Kent Public Library Dresden Branch Chilled Fountain
Dresden 438 St. George St. S Frozen Frog Room temperature
Dresden 474 St. George St. S Godfathers Pizza Room temperature
Dresden 175 Lindsley St. Home Hardware Room temperature
Dresden 1212 North St. Lambton-Kent Memorial Agricultural Centre Chilled Fountain
Dresden 445 St. George St. McKeller’s Flowers and Gifts Room temperature
Erieau 780 Ross Line Chatham-Kent Public Library Erieau Deposit Chilled Fountain
Highgate 291 King St. Chatham-Kent Public Library Chilled Fountain
Merlin 13 Aberdeen Chatham-Kent Public Library Chilled Fountain
Palmyra 14426 Talbot Trail Crazy Eight Barn Chilled
Ridgetown 33 Main St. E A Touch of Green Florists and Gifts Room temperature
Ridgetown 21180 Victoria Rd Daniel’s Service Centre Ltd. Room temperature
Ridgetown 11 Main St. E Godfathers Pizza Room temperature
Ridgetown 11 Ebenezer St. W Gramma Pete’s Ice Cream Parlour Room temperature
Ridgetown 54 Main St. E JP’s Variety Chilled
Ridgetown 14 Main St. Mocha Violet Room temperature
Ridgetown 40 Main St. E Pinnell’s Pasteries Room temperature
Ridgetown 12-21 Main St. W Ridgetown and Area Adult Activity Centre Room temperature
Ridgetown 11 Main W Stephen’s Restaurant Chilled
Ridgetown 10 Erie St. Subway Room temperature
Ridgetown 1 Main St. W The Ridgetown Independent News Room temperature
Ridgetown 20157 Erie St. S Yeck’s Smokehouse Grill Chilled
Ridgetown 5 Erie St. N Yeck’s The Other Place Chilled
Rondeau 11521 Wildwood Line Rondeau Joe’s Pub Chilled
Thamesville 3 London Rd Chatham-Kent Public Library Chilled Fountain
Thamesville 22830 Centre Rd. Delaware Nation First Nation Public Library Chilled Fountain
Tilbury 2 Queen St. Chatham-Kent Public Library Chilled Fountain
Wallaceburg 209 James St. Chatham-Kent Public Library Chilled Fountain
Wallaceburg 153 Nelson St. Chez Denise Bistro & Café Room temperature
Wallaceburg 504 James St. Fiesta Restaurant Chilled
Wallaceburg 339 James St. Lori’s Flowers and Gifts Room temperature
Wallaceburg 329 James St. Sister’s Subs Room temperature
Wallaceburg 60 McNaughton Ave Unit #16 Walmart Room temperature
Walpole Island 136 Tecumseh Rd. Bkejwanong First Nation Public Library Chilled Fountain
Wheatley 35 Talbot St. W Chatham-Kent Public Library Chilled Fountain

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