Dietitian? What is That?

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Who are Registered Dietitians?

We are the regulated experts, (like nurses or doctors) in food and nutrition! The term “Registered Dietitian” is protected, and only those who have received specific university and internship training are allowed to call themselves Dietitians. Be wary- anyone can call themselves a Nutritionist!

Dietitians can help you navigate all the confusing nutrition research, and make it applicable to your life. We make healthy eating fun, and work in a variety of areas to help the public. We work in hospitals, government, universities, within doctor’s offices, as part of diabetes education programs, and advocate for everyone to have access to safe, healthy, and affordable food.

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Where to find credible nutrition information online:

Ever get confused with all the nutrition information on the internet? (www. is a great resource prepared by Dietitians that provides FREE guidance on healthy eating. This website has handouts, recipes and answers to common questions.  If you would like to talk to a Registered Dietitian, you can reach one at Telehealth Ontario by phone at 1-866-797-0000, and press 2.


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