National Drowning Prevention Week

It is important to remember children are most at risk for drowning so there’s absolutely no substitute for constant adult supervision. The Lifesaving Society recommends that parents keep children under five years of age within arms’ reach at all times. If you’ve invested in a pool, protect your loved ones. Make it your mission to obtain the knowledge and training to become skilled in life saving, water rescue and CPR. 

The Lifesaving Society offers these crucial tips to keep safe:

  • Stay within arms’ reach of children – don’t leave children unsupervised as drownings can occur in as little as 10 seconds.
  • Restrict access to backyard pools and ensure there is a lockable gate and fence around the entire perimeter of the pool.
  • Make sure children are wearing an approved lifejacket or personal flotation device when playing near water.
  • Lock all doors leading out to bodies of water and secure low windows that a child could crawl through.
  • Establish rules that children must follow when near water.
  • Closely supervise children with inflatable toys.
  • Drain backyard wading pools and empty buckets of water when not in use.
  • Get trained! Enroll in a Lifesaving Society swimming and first aid training course.

Source:  The Lifesaving Society.

Following these simple guidelines and visiting can help ensure a safe and enjoyable summer.