Easter Egg Safety


If you’re decorating, hiding or hunting for eggs this Easter, the CK Public Health would like to offer the following tips for a safe and enjoyable Easter. 

Before the hunt

  • wash your hands thoroughly before handling eggs at every preparation step, from cooking and cooling, to dyeing and hiding
  • only use grade A refrigerated eggs and discard any with cracked or dirty shells
  • after hard boiling the eggs, ensure that they are placed in an uncovered container in the fridge as soon as they are cool enough to handle
  • be sure to use food grade dyes when colouring the eggs
  • when colouring the eggs, be sure not to crack the shell which could allow harmful bacteria to enter the egg
  • keep hard cooked Easter eggs refrigerated until just before the hunt
  • Consider buying one set of eggs for decorating and one set for eating


Adapted and Reprinted
With the Permission of Peterborough County-City Health Unit