Oral Health Tips around Halloween “sticky treats”


Halloween Candy . . . . Now That’s Scary

Trick or Treat! Every child loves singing this out on Halloween to be rewarded with a candy treat. Children bring home so much candy in one night it can be overwhelming for everyone.

Here are some helpful hints for dealing with Halloween candy.

  • Consume the candy after a meal when a higher saliva production will protect the teeth. Having candy as dessert instead of as a snack is a great idea.
  • Eat candy quickly in one sitting, to reduce the time it is in contact with the teeth. Every time we put sugar or starch into our mouths, an acid attack starts and lasts for 20 minutes after we stop eating. The longer we take to eat our candy the longer the acid attack lasts causing more damage to our teeth.
  • Avoid really sticky candies such as gummy bears, taffy and caramel as these stick to the teeth for longer periods of time.
  • Try sugarless gum or candy since it reduces the bacteria in your mouth.
  • Brush and floss after eating candy. If you are unable to brush try rinsing with water or chewing a piece of sugar free gum. Gums with xylitol help control the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

The best way to fight cavities all year long is by brushing twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste, morning and night, flossing once a day, and regular visits to the dental office. For more information contact the Oral Health Team of the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit at 519-355-1071 Ext.5700






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