World No Tobacco Day 2017


Want to help “Freeze the Industry” this World No Tobacco Day? Join a Thunderclap!

100 Canadians die each and every day as a result of being hooked by the tobacco industry.

The tobacco industry is always looking for new ways to attract “replacement customers.”

Cigarette packs are one of the last ways the industry can legally market their products in Canada. Packs are like mini walking billboards for Big Tobacco. They are designed to appeal to specific genders, downplay health warnings and make smoking more appealing to youth.

The Government of Canada is committed to making cigarettes and cigarette packaging plain and standard as a way to help end youth smoking.

The Tobacco Industry is spending big money to tell the public plain and standardized packaging won’t work. If it won’t work, why are they putting up a fight? Sounds to us like they are nervous!

Join the #generationofchange and tell Big Tobacco, enough is enough! Support plain and standardized cigarette packaging. #FTIPSP #cdnpoli

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