The challenges of quitting smoking


If you’re trying to quit smoking it’s normal not to succeed on your first attempt. Did you know that more than half of current smokers intend to quit within the next six months and take an average of 30 attempts to successfully quit smoking? Unfortunately only 4-7% of the time, unassisted quit attempts are successful. The challenges of overcoming withdrawal symptoms, cravings and triggers can prevent people from being successful in their quit attempts but with the right supports in place, quitting can be made less difficult. Here are some quick tips:

  • Use your friends, family or coworkers for support
  • Think about your reasons for quitting
  • Stay busy, try going to a walk or yoga
  • Change your routine
  • Try Nicotine Replacement Therapy, or medications like Champix or Zyban
  • Most importantly, don’t give up!

For more information or support in quitting smoking contact the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit at 519-352-7270 or visit .


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